Duck Confit – Pedestrian-Style

I had the pleasure of dining with my mother during her past visit into town. We chose one of the most reputable restaurants in the city, and I was quite thrilled that its executive chef used mostly locally-grown ingredients in his dishes. Concerned that we would not be able to dine there without a reservation, we diligently booked ourselves in for a 8:30pm dinner hour. Much to our surprise, we arrived to an empty restaurant, where staff outnumbered dinner guests. Despite the ambiance or lack thereof, we decided to give it a college try and thank goodness we did. The food was delicious, well-paired in its ingredients, and extremely generous in its portions. So generous that I had to ask for a take-away bag. Although doubtful I would eat these leftovers, I decided to freeze the duck confit with root vegetables that I had ordered and hope that someday, I might rediscover it again in the back of my freezer. That day was today: I bravely took out the container, unsure of what was therein, but upon defrost, realized the treasure I had discovered. I decided to sautee the duck in some white wine, creating a reduction, as the fat from the duck skin combined with the liquid. I then added my root vegetables, green vegetables (also from the freezer), and some leftover pasta (you guessed it, from the freezer). In a matter of minutes, I had a gourmet meal. The lesson learned here is not to underestimate the power of frozen leftovers, especially if they were made by a renowned chef.


About danirenouf

I have been a registered dietitian since 2003, and very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in industry, clinical nutrition, public health, and private practice. Currently, I am extremely excited about pursuing entrepreneurial ventures which start with my private consulting practice and branch out into the food and culinary industry. I am busy every day developing my own food products and recipes, adapting traditional cooking techniques and incorporating new and innovative ways to prepare nutritious, delicious food. I am passionate about everything food-related, and aspire to engage others in "getting to know their food" - not all of us are cooks, or need to be, but all of us need to eat.
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