Pub Food By The Fire

The second phase of our culinary journey through England took us to the English country side, Derbyshire, where I had the pleasure of eating in an authentic English pub, a little stone nook that has likely stood amidst the green fields and grazing sheep for centuries. Many pubs in England are only open for lunch until 2pm, so arriving on time for meal service is important. Otherwise, you may find yourself nibbling away at a package of “crisps”, which is not too much of a punishment, since they are deep-fried paper-thin slices of parsnip. The method of their preparation (i.e. deep frying at high heat) releases the natural sugars of the tuber, thus creating a wonderful combination of sweet and savoury flavours. But, enough about the crisps, as the main attraction for me during this meal was the homemade venison stew. Only minutes ago, I had spotted a small group of deer grazing along our path, and the next, I was chowing down on their relative. Somehow, however, knowing that the source of my sustenance was so close in proximity to me allowed me to feel grateful, rather than guilty. Along with my stew, I had a beautiful vegetarian lasagne, which, instead of being topped with noodles, was topped with mashed potatoes. I will have to try that once at home, as it was the tastiest lasagne I’d ever had. For dessert, no other than fruit cobbler topped with cream. Of course, as any responsible dietitian would do, we walked several miles after the meal to restore the balance.


About danirenouf

I have been a registered dietitian since 2003, and very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in industry, clinical nutrition, public health, and private practice. Currently, I am extremely excited about pursuing entrepreneurial ventures which start with my private consulting practice and branch out into the food and culinary industry. I am busy every day developing my own food products and recipes, adapting traditional cooking techniques and incorporating new and innovative ways to prepare nutritious, delicious food. I am passionate about everything food-related, and aspire to engage others in "getting to know their food" - not all of us are cooks, or need to be, but all of us need to eat.
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  1. suigeneris23 says:

    Sounds wonderful! Cute pic!

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